NorthPoint, Magic Johnson, Green Line Extension (GLX)

  Earvin “Magic” Johnson, a seemingly wealthy former basketball star, has the same thoughts right now as many individuals and corporations. Their money is sitting in a bank account or some cash related investment(s) making close to zero in … Read more

Museum Towers: Regatta Riverview Residences

Museum Towers: Regatta Riverview Residences

Museum Towers, a.k.a., the Regatta Riverview Residences sits directly across the bridge from the sprawling 40 acre Northpoint development in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02041. The Regatta Riverview Residences had a bit of publicity in 2005 when the Winkevoss twins … Read more

Special Assesments — condos

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You’ve heard the term “special assessment” from someone and it may have sounded ominous and vague .. unless you have searched for and perhaps purchased a condominium in the past.   What are special assessments and how or why … Read more

Home Owner’s Association (condo) Fee

When you see a property listing sheet and you are looking for the “condo fee”, it may be in a section of the listing sheet titled “HOA fee”. Don’t be confused by the use of the term “HOA” fee … Read more