Redfin Website for Buyers is Solid

One of the best real estate web sites for buyers who are looking to purchase a property in Massachusetts is

The website is transparent, fairly well laid out, and has the good data on the property status on Massachusetts listings, past sales. My website,, has a good property search platform as well and everyone sources their listing data from so you should be covered well.

My buyer clients who have worked with Redfin agents over the years have, however, have said that the Redfin agents they worked with (prior to choosing to work with me) seemed less experienced and knowledgeable about local real estate markets than other agents in those areas (Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, etc.).

This is a dilemma for buyers to figure out. Redfin has a good, robust website and mobile app which make it easy for buyers to contact a Redfin agent right away, but what if that agent is not as experienced and knowledgeable as more seasoned local agents?

Solution: choose an experienced and knowledgeable buyer agent whose brokerage will match and/or exceed the Buyer Rebate offered by Redfin.

If you choose to work with me, Willard Cunningham, and my brokerage, Willard Realty Group, you will get the best of all worlds for your real estate search and needs. I have over a dozen years of experience in real estate as a buyer agent, I have very good local knowledge of the markets, and my brokerage offers a robust buyer rebate which gives 30% of the buyer agent commission back to the buyer for purchases between $200,000 – $999,999 and 40% of the buyer agent commission for purchases $1m and higher.

You win!

Contact me and let’s get started at your pace!


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