Alloy at Assembly Row — new Somerville MA Condos for Sale and Buyer Rebate

There will be 117 new construction condos built at Assembly Row in the Assembly Square area of Somerville, MA starting construction in 2016.

Interested to purchase a condo pre-construction? Contact our broker, Willard, at and he will explain how Willard Realty Group will offer you 30-40% of the buyer agent commission (depending on the purchase price) that we receive as compensation for helping buyers close with our company.

For more information on the specifics of the Residences at Alloy, you can find some information

The developer for the project, Federal Realty Investment Trust, has hired TCC Realty Group to handle marketing for this new construction.

Should you view and purchase a condo directly through TCC, they will NOT offer you the buyer agent rebate that Willard Realty Group, solely, will offer you. On a $400,000 purchase, the buyer agent commission would be $8-10,000, in most cases. Willard Realty Group is offering you 30% of this commission as a rebate for closing with us.