Buyers, Use Small Real Estate Firms

CAARE is an organization whose focus is focused on assisting consumers of real estate.


There is a good post from CAARE which I thought had some great insight with the following paragraphs:


“Finding a good Realtor begins with first finding a good SMALL FIRM. It does not matter how good an agent may be, because if they are with a big firm they will not be able to use their skills to help and represent you. Small firms have a smaller chance of exposing you to the situation where they represent both the buyer and seller (dual agency or designated agency). And firms that only represent buyers or sellers, if they exist in your area, are an even better choice.


Once you have located the small firms in your area, then start your search for a highly qualified agent. And when you do, make sure they understand that you will not agree to dual or designated agency. Some agents are also willing to negotiate their fees too…”


I could not agree more that you should strongly consider working with a strongly focused buyer agent/broker in a small firm who can give you and your search the attention they deserve. To toot our own horn at WRG, you are incredibly well served by working with me, Willard Cunningham, as your buyer agent, and being immediately eligible for our Buyer Rebate Program!





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