31 Tennyson, Somerville, MA — 2012 note

First view of 31 Tennyson in Somerville, MA, was in late November, 2011. The property has a separate deed from its attached, other half. Whoever purchases 31 Tennyson will need to conduct a complete renovation as the unit is barely livable and all systems are unimproved for many years. The neighboring attached structure to 31 Tennyson is said to be in more normal, updated condition and the owner is said to keep a timely maintenance schedule for repairs. The property comes with a separately deeded area in the back yard and parking in the front at the street.


The MLS market history for 31 Tennyson Street is listed below. On Sept. 28th, 2011, the property first came to market at $249k. There was no success in selling at this price, so the price was reduced to $219k on Nov. 11th, 2011. Within one week of this price adjustment it seems there was still no interest from buyers, so the listing agent reduced the price to $189k and that is where the property started to get attention and various offers were made. The nature, price, and terms for any offers in real estate in Massachusetts are confidential and mostly unknown and not public domain.


On Nov. 30th, 2011, an offer was accepted and the start of a purchase transaction commenced. It is unknown what transpired from Nov. 30th to Dec. 22nd when the property was put back on the market. We can only see that the purchase transaction was aborted and the property came back on the market at a substantially higher price. It’s a mystery.


If interested in further information on this property while it is still marketed for sale, you can contact me, Will, at 617.921.4758 or email me


Market History for 31 Tennyson Street, Somerville, MA 02145 as of Jan. 8th, 2012
MLS # Date DOM Price
71293608 9/28/2011 Listed for $249,000 $249,000
11/11/2011 Price Changed to: $219,000 $219,000
11/16/2011 Price Changed to: $189,000 $189,000
11/30/2011 Listing Alert Flag set to: Yes – Accepting Additional Offers
12/22/2011 Price Changed to: $225,000 $225,000
12/22/2011 Listing Alert Flag set to: No
EXT 12/23/2011 Status Changed to: Extended 102
Market History for RE/MAX Destiny   102
Market History for this property   102




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