17 Otis Street, Cambridge, MA .. #D205 foreclosure note

SLD price below:


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This unit sold for $627,400 in February 2007 and that was the asking price.


2 beds, 2 baths, 1152 square feet, and 1 garage parking. Renovated in 2007


December 2011, this property is now foreclosed and being sold by Fannie Mae. The market price and MLS listing will soon be made public, but the only data as of this post is from Fannie Mae’s HomePath.com web site for its foreclosed properties.


How much will this foreclosed property sell when compared to its 2007 sale price?


Update: January 2012 update: unit priced at $505k. It is curious that the listing sheet for this property does not specify that it is a foreclosed property, yet there is indication that the property is owned by Fannie Mae and HomePath financing is available. This directly indicated that this is a Fannie Mae foreclosed property. In this instance, the property is owner occupied and that is rare in foreclosed properties. I believe this reflects a new policy from Fannie Mae to keep distressed home owners in the property through foreclosure and accept some form of rent from the previous owner.


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