Seller Agent Pre-approval Request to Buyer?

Great! You’ve found a home that is worthy of an offer and you are trying to get all the right paperwork, disclosures, and, of course, the offer together.


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Here’s the checklist you are likely mulling over:


  • Copy of check for $1,000 made out to Seller agent’s brokerage? DONE!
  • Agency disclosure form showing that your agent (if you have one) is acting in accordance with the real estate agency laws for Massachusetts? DONE!
  • OFFER filled out. DONE!
  • Pre-approval letter from your lender? DONE!


That’s great! Your pre-approval letter shows you can afford a mortgage of a certain amount in the estimation of a loan officer or mortgage professional who you have started to work with. Your credit is in the 700s or higher and all looks good.


All of the sudden, your Buyer agent, in discussion with the Seller’s agent, finds out that a second pre-qualification or pre-approval is being requested as a “second opinion” from the Seller agent. How should you handle this and can the Seller agent force someone to comply with this request?


There are some occasions where the Seller agent requests that the Buyer be pre-approved by their lender. However, in my experience in the greater Boston metro area, this is not a common practice and overall, it would be “illegal” to force a consumer to choose a specific lender to get their financing.


I’ve seen Buyers be personally offended and perhaps disrespected when there is a request for a second pre-approval since the Buyer believes they have already, in good faith, been pre-approved by a lender or mortgage broker.


What if you tell your Buyer agent to tell the Seller agent “no, we will not comply with this request, do you want the offer or not?” You could do that and stand firm. Is the Seller agent bluffing or being overly cautious on behalf of his client, the owner of the home? My advice would be to not get overly emotional over the request and also that each situation will be different. Talk it out.


There are several situations where I’ve seen requests for a “second opinion” for pre-approval letters

  • short sales
  • foreclosures
  • new construction
  • random Seller agent requests on behalf of their client


The request for a second pre-approval from a Seller agent or owner does not happen very often. If you come across this type of request while you are searching for a new home, be patient, try not to take the request personally, and talk the request over with your Buyer agent and partner(s) and family.
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