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NorthPoint Complex

Earvin “Magic” Johnson, a seemingly wealthy former basketball star, has the same thoughts right now as many individuals and corporations. Their money is sitting in a bank account or some cash related investment(s) making close to zero in interest.


Mr. Johnson and the joint-venture company that he co-manages, Canyon-Johnson Urban Funds, will partner with two other firms (HYM Investment Group, LLC, of Boston and Atlas Capital Group in New York) to move the NorthPoint development in East Cambridge, MA, forward .. and put their money to work.


This is great and welcome news for Cambridge and surrounding cities such as Somerville. The Northpoint development is comprised of 44 acres of an old, unused rail yard at the edge of Cambridge in East Cambridge. NorthPoint is a large development, containing commercial, retail and residential development, and will include a relocated and new Lechmere Green Line transit station. (see MassDOT Approves New Lechmere Station)


The NorthPoint development will bring jobs, commerce, and revitalization to this part of Cambridge and Somerville and it also complements other infrastructure/transportation developments in the area. The Green Line Extension (GLX) project is one such transportation project that comes to mind. The GLX proposes to relocate and reconstruct the Lechmere Green Line Station within the confines of NorthPoint, and then the Green Line will be extended to Union Square in Somerville, then another line to Brickbottom (Somerville), Gliman Square (Somerville), Lowell Street Bridge (Somerville), Ball Square (Somerville), and College Station (Tufts/Medford).


Construction phases

Phase 1 of the NorthPoint development is complete, with two NorthPoint buildings: Tango and Sierra (now referred to as One Earhart and Two Earhart) Phase 2 is said to begin in 2012, and will include additional new streets being constructed. The final phase(s) of NorthPoint will include commercial, residential and combined buildings and almost 20 acres of greenspace between the structures. The Lechmere Transit station located across the way will eventually break ground and be relocated closer to NorthPoint. If you have seen or used the current Lechmere station, it will be a huge relief and upgrade.


Tango building (One Earhart), according to NorthPoint,  is comprised of flats and duplexes:

  • 230 studio, 1Bd, 1Bd + den, 2Bd, and 2Bd + den condominums
  • Garden level homes with private entrances and patios
  • Duplexes with balconies
  • Two-story lobby
  • Tango floorplans


Sierra, (Two Earhart)according to NorthPoint, is comprised of lofts:

  • 99, 2-story, 1Bd, 1Bd + den, and 2Bd loft condominiums
  • Double height rooms with 14″ windows
  • Garden level homes with private entrances and patios
  • Sierra floorplans


Units for sale at Northpoint will show up below:


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Our Closing Cost Offer for Northpoint Buyers

Wilard Realty Group, Inc., offers a $1,500 closing cost credit to NorthPoint buyers who use us as their buyer agent to close a transaction. Please contact me, Willard, directly for further information on this benefit to Northpoint buyers. You can reach me by cell phone or text at 617.921.4758 or through email through


If you would like to set up showings for any of the units at NorthPoint, please reach me by cell phone or text at 617.921.4758 or through email through


Sales at NorthPoint for the past 12 months. One and Two Earhart Street.





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