Road to Closing Your Home Purchase

Congratulations, you are within reach of the closing for your home purchase!




Let’s review your list of accomplishments so far:


  • Successful home inspection
  • Negotiated some “punch list” items from the inspection with the Seller. The Seller gave you a “credit” toward your “closing costs” of an amount that was satisfactory to both parties.
  • If you purchased a condominium or townhouse, you’ve thoroughly reviewed the condo docs, master deed, rules & regulations of the association, fiscal budgets, and condo meeting minutes (where available). Perhaps your real estate attorney reviewed these on your behalf.
  • Purchase and Sale contract was signed within two weeks of your accepted offer and “after” you completed all due diligence on the property (inspections, etc.).
  • Completed the application process with your mortgage company and perhaps you locked an interest rate for your chosen loan type (unless you are super cool and were an all cash buyer).
  • Commitment Letter from your lender/mortgage company was given to you within 4-5 weeks of the accepted offer and start of the transaction.
  • Start scheduling movers, give final notice to landlords, set up new electricity and gas/oil accounts at the new property.


You’ve made it this far into the process, but there are a few questions to ask your loan officer and closing attorney, such as:


  • who do I make the final deposit check out to and does it have to be a bank check?
  • what is the final amount I have to pay for closing costs?
  • what else should I bring to the closing?
  • what is title insurance and is it mandatory?


For certain, bring 2 forms of identification and your checkbook.


Prior to your closing, you and your buyer agent will set up a walk through of the property you are purchasing to make sure all personal property of the Seller are gone .. and also to make sure the place is in “broom clean” condition.


Here are some numbers to call for utility, cable/internet providers:

NSTAR:  1-800-592-2000 or


National Grid:  1-800-375-7405 is the number to “request service”


Comcast:  800-COM-CAST  or


Verizon:  1-800-837-4966 (1-800-VERIZON) has a broader list and set of resources as well.



Good luck! You are on your way!

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